Cell groups

Small Groups                             

We have three very friendly small groups which meet at 7:45 pm on Tuesday and Wednesdays at New Hope Terrace and one at 7:45 pm on Thursday North Caversham.  In the past we've studied the 'Inside Out' course which is a course on practical evangelism and how we share our faith with those around us.  It's was really helpful in giving us a new perspective and ideas on how to relate to our neighbours and embrace the opportunities to be engaged in the wider community. More recently we have viewed and discussed a series of DVDs about the Kingdom of God  that were most thought provoking.

Those who have been attending say it has enriched and nurtured their faith.  It has also strengthened friendships through the weekly fellowship and support.  We do encourage you to come along if you haven't already.

For more details, contact Joy Atkins.

Ladies Bible Study Group

A small group of women from the local community meet on Thursdays at 9.45 am for a cuppa and some spiritual reflection, a crèche is available for preschool children.  There is a genuine sense of people caring for each other, and the Bible study or spiritual issues we explore are relevant to life's ups and downs. 

In the past we have had a course on listening skills, reflecting on how well we listen and what we could do to improve our relationships by listening more meaningfully.  The Acorn Christian Healing Foundation DVD was helpful in presenting some ideas and tasks in which we have experienced different kinds of learning, as well as looking at the way Jesus listened to people in the gospels so we can learn from his example.  It is a course we all feel has helped us identify some bad habits in our listening that we want to change!

We have also had a six part course on Learning to Hear From God For Yourself and Others with relevant teaching and lots of practice exercises.  In the practical exercises we listened to God and heard from Him for each other. It was amazing the way God spoke so directly into people's lives and very encouraging in reinforcing that indeed we can hear from God if we only take the time to ask and listen!

For more details of the Ladies Group, contact Joy Atkins.
If you have any other questions about small groups, or the church please click here to contact us.