New Hope Nativity Panto - The X-Factor Stable 

On 7th December, the NH@4 Nativity Pantomime The X-Factor Stable - an unusual contemporary telling of the traditional nativity story - took place in a very suitable setting under the shelter and on the grass in the EP Collier School playground. God answered our prayers for good weather and thankfully by the time of the performance the wind had died down and it wasn't too cold for the many people who attended.


The entire cast of The X-Factor Stable

The awesome news that God was coming into the world was delivered by the Angel Gabriel (aka Snoop Dog) to a surprised but willing Mary. The shepherds were Welsh and the three Magi appeared in the form of the X-Factor judges. King Herod was the villain (boo, hiss) and the chief angelic chorister was a pantomime dame. The audience participated by shouting "He's behind you!" at appropriate moments and by hissing and booing at King Herod. Although a  few  people forgot their lines and the Dame had an unscheduled fall, this did not detract from but only added to a very enjoyable, witty and fun performance. After the show cast and audience retired inside into the warm at New Hope for seasonal refreshments provided by the Crowne Plaza.

Well done to everyone who took part, both on stage and behind the scenes. We certainly have a great deal of acting talent at New Hope!

In the words of Louis (Walsh) the innkeeper, Jesus is "the star to be born ... and his voice to ring out so that the world is changed forever"

 Dame Angelica dresses the audience with tinsel Angel Gabriel aka Snoop Dog
Mary says yes Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem
No room at the inn Angels singing
King Herod the villain Shepherds
Dame Angelica Dame and  Eli the shepherd Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus
The Judges Cheryl
Mel B Rudolph the angel
  Make up