New Wine 2014

A number of people from New Hope went to Shepton Mallet in Somerset for New Wine this summer with folk from Greyfriars. The people from New Hope camped together as a group and shared mealtimes under the impressively spacious Fountain gazebo. We were blessed with beautiful weather - most of the time! It was great to be able to spend time with one another getting to know each other a little more; discovering interesting things such as Neil & Lindsay's enjoyment of swimming in rivers!
Neil  Lindsay John Gillian  Lesley at NW
The New Wine programme is very full with many activities from which to choose with someone for everyone - early morning meditations, FitFish exercise, morning and evening celebrations with lively worship and dynamic speakers, a vast array of seminars, activities for children, opportunities for prayer ministry, art workshops, and after hours entertainment.
NH at NW Jill  Lesley at NW
It was a wonderful opportunity of meeting with, worshipping and hearing from God, being encouraged, healed, inspired and spiritually refreshed, and to spend time together having fun with other members of the church family.
Lindsay  Jackie at NW Emma  Joy at NW
If you didn't manage to make it this year, you are highly recommended to book for next year, and there are B & B and rental caravan opportunities for those who don't do camping!
Gaby at NW