Mission and Vision

New Hope Community Church was set up with a vision to be

In the Community, For the Community.

All the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.  Acts 2:44

The model of the New Testament churches in their love for one another and their service of the needy members of society at the time continues to set us all a precedent to pursue what it means for us to be a Christ-centred community today.  Therefore we aim to be proactive in our worship and discipleship so that we become more like Jesus, we allow his love to spur us on towards being generous in our pastoral care and bold in our outreach.  We seek to be a church who exist for the benefit and blessing of others, a people marked by love, grace and humility.

While in the process of formalising a mission statement, the following list of words came from our times of prayer and listening to God as well as our own experience of being part of New Hope Community Church in the last few years; they express our values and vision in practice:

Working Together

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